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PowerPedia:Quadratic Magnet Gate

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Image:Quadratic magnetic gate large 300.jpg

Similar to linear accelerator. No front-end loading apparent, with work applied by magnets, illustrates that magnets can be a source of free energy, like the wind.

The discoverer of this effect is Howard Johnson. The displayer + current researcher of this effect is a fellow in Germany named Jiris.


Quadratic Magnet Gate (2:16 min) - Small magnet shoots forward through tube due to quadratic magnet. Begs question: "Without quantifying how much energy it takes to push the magnet into the tube, this video is not convincing as to energy gain. I picture it like loading a spring, then letting go. Of course the small piece is going to go flying." Second video is more convincing. (YouTube March 11, 2007)

quadratic magnetic gate2: no push (38 secs) - Small magnet placement without push, when placed into quadratic magnet field shoots forward. (YouTube March 11, 2007)

magnetic linear motor a la Johnson (2min) - (YouTube Feb 19, 2007)

magnetic gate a la Johnson (1:28min) - (YouTube Feb 17, 2007)


On March 20, 2007, Greg Mullins Sunnyvale, CA, wrote:

...Check out Quadratic Magnet Gate. The vid maker is a guy named Jiris, and there are 2 videos that he has posted demonstrating this. I'm mainly wondering if this is in the realm of TOMI or Bedini stuff - but more specifically if there is more known about it amongst the community. If you could direct me to a page that brings more light regarding the theory behind it or construction info, I would surely appreciate it. I could see this, if it can work repeatedly, push a "bullet" type magnet around a loop, with coils in between each "gate" which could create an energy pulse...let me know what you think!

Branko says:

Nikola Tesla and my thoughts Here is my pyramids system of magnetic linear movement, and other thoughts.

on March 21, 2007, Esa Ruoho Helsinki, Finland, wrote:

The Quadratic Magnet Gate, and the rest of Jiris experimental videos, are based on Howard Johnson. Please take the time to read up on Howard Johnson, because not too many people know about him. Cheniere are selling a book "The Secret World of Magnets" (the link has a few pages from the book as pictures) written by Howard Johnson and a DVD "Discovering Magnetism" with Howard Johnson among other people talking about the mapping of the magnetic field. Cheniere Media apparently also have a forthcoming volume in the Energy from the Vacuum series, which will focus on Howard Johnson. I am eagerly looking forward to this DVD, because Johnson (with his proof that magnetism is a two-way vortex) seems to come very close to Walter Russell and Viktor Schauberger.

Cheniere/Tom Bearden also have this: DISCOVERING QUANTUM MECHANICAL MOLECULAR ENERGY (QMME) - Private communication from Howard Johnson July 19th, 2005




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