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PowerPedia:Pulsed Electromagnetic Healing

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Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) energy effortlessly passes through skin into the deepest parts of our body as evidenced by lack of heat in the skin where you apply the treatment. When light hits the skin, unless of very low intensity, it gets warm- a certain sign it has been absorbed and converted to heat.

Constant wave low level lasers, static magnets, and pulsed low level lasers all have one problem- they've never been shown to penetrate the skin. Studies for NASA proved that nanosecond pulsed electromagnetic fields had the greatest effect on living tissues over any other energy. NO PULSE, NO PENETRATION.

EMpulse works by giving the body a NATURAL energy that can bring the free radicals and antioxidants into close contact under the correct circumstances to neutralize the free radical in its tracks. It doesn't get better than approaching 1:1 healing efficiency. Lowering a healing ratio from 1:64 to 1:1 gives your body a great advantage when dealing with injury, illness, fatigue, or aging of any type. REMEMBER- Ilness and injury are just accelerated aging, and free radicals underscore all of them, so treat all three NATURALLY take antioxidants and use PEMF energy.


EM-PROBE Technologies has developed the EMpulse nanosecond PEMF handheld device for the consumer market and packaged it as the most portable least expensive device (under $200) on the market.

Site includes comprehensive list of clinical studies on PEMF for conditions ranging from arthritis to depression.

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