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PowerPedia:Pier Luigi Ighina

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Pier Luigi Ighina was born in Milan on June 23 1908 and died at Imola on January 8 2004.

He was a disciple and collaborator of Guglielmo Marconi : a scientist is almost unknown to the public, because his discoveries and inventions have not received any recognition from the academic science. Unlike the multi-faceted, but naive scientist and inventor of Serbia Nikola Tesla , Ighina did not trust anyone's power with which avoided all together, aware that his inventions would be used only for evil, and to profit.

Ighina approached the study of the atom from a perspective somewhat different than other researchers: in fact, instead of subjecting the atom to the action of powerful magnetic fields or high energy particles, decided to limit its movement using other atoms, defined pads, that prevent the atoms and light to those external to interfere in the observation.

Through this measure, and by the atomic microscope lens of his own invention, Ighina managed to rank different categories of atoms according to their different pulse.

An important concept to emphasize is that “the atom oscillates, but vibrates, you can not divide, But it would be possible to split its energy, but not the atom itself”. The discovery of the magnetic occurred randomly as he writes the same Ighina: “I was intent on these tests when, inadvertently moving a magnet near here, I saw that all the atoms were placed under observation in a spiraling motion, then disappearing into a luminous mass”. The magnetic atom is the smallest compared to other atoms, has a faster pulse and also has the feature of “effecting movement of all other atoms, making it the promoter of these”.

One of equipment built by Ighina, regulator magnetic atomic vibrations, of the magnetic energy is actually based more precisely on the variation in the frequency of vibration of matter with the transformation of the same.

With this energy would be possible cure any disease , melt metals at a distance , produce electricity, Full weather-controller Logico , neutralize the radiation, neutralize earthquakes , investigate the ground looking for oil fields or aquifers, increasing agricultural yields and more.

There is no doubt that the magnetic field is essential for life on Earth, even though the discovery of how to transform the material and the production of magnetic monopoles are rather difficult to conceive.

For Ighina, all the forces existing in nature are reflected hesitate to ask direct and indirect primal force that is The energy that flows from the Sun. This reflected solar radiation is balanced with itself, and condenses and then explodes sirradia again and again reflected and so multiplies. Solar energy is a positive force that, riflettendosi, becomes negative. The Sun welcomes its effects in themselves these, transforms them and re-radiates them in a positive way, and so on. This concept is reminiscent of Reich's orgone energy, distinta in orgone vitale (OR) and deadly orgone (DOR).

Ighina known is the machinery by which he could cause the precipitation or scatter the clouds. It would be interesting if some independent researcher, played such a device, The experiment to promote the rain, chemtrails in the presence of hygroscopic.

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