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PowerPedia:Peter Stevens (Inventor)

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Regarding Peter Stevens, of Casino, New South Wales, Australia.

Username: Ingventor, from the "Ing" chair he invented.

Early Inventions

: When I was young my Father owned a business inventing machinery. In Moree, after I was injured with a leg crushed, all the business dried up.

: So leaving there I arrived in Casino in 1984 and worked selling farm equipment: sales and service.

: I have invented my own agricultural machinery, grain driers, rock pickers, microwave processor, distillers, and a huge range of earth moving equipment. My background has been President of the Apprioate Community Technology Association looking at solar and renewable energy. This became Rainbow Power Company in Nimbin.

: I was a member of the inventors association Northern Rivers. We had a range of inventions on display at Expo 88 in Brisbane. I designed ergonomic furniture know as Ing kneeling chairs also hydraulic pumps, consulted on design of a pencil case (Greg Jesser), Cliff Parker ceiling tiles and later even worked with Jack Toyer on his Rainmaker and with Alan Maslen, doing Aluminiun anodizing in full colour, etc.

Joe Cell Involvement

Image:Joe-Cell-Documentary sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Joe Cell > The Story of the Joe Cell (Documentary) - It includes some entertaining cartoons to illustrate the narrative. In addition to a lot of footage featuring humble Joe, it also features interviews with Dan Winters replicator, Peter Stevens Noah Yamore, co-founder of Byron New Energy Group and skeptic, Dr. Ariel Liebman, Quantum Physicist from the University of Qeensland, Australia. (News:Pure Energy Blog March 27, 2013)
Image:Peter Stevens Joe Cell 95x95.jpg

Joe Cell Seminar - July 30, Salt Lake City - Peter Stevens, from Australia, will give a five-hour workshop showing how to build a Joe cell, how to install it on a car, and how to run the car on the Joe cell -- with the car's fuel line disconnected (hopefully!). (PES Network NEC)

OS:Joe Cell:Validation - Index page stating purpose and proceedures regarind the validation of Peter Steven's claim to being able to install Joe Cells on automobiles to run them, with the fuel line disconnected. Updates in the process. (Validation has not been accomplished yet, as of June 22, 2006.)

Image:Peter Stevens rainmaker 95x95.jpg

A history of the Joe cell - Peter Stevens describes from his perspective the role he played in "Joe" getting into the Joe cell. Alex Schiffer's entry to the scene. A view of some of the politics of science involved. Includes photos of early inventions by Peter Stevens. (PESN June 11, 2006)

Image:Joe of the Joe Cell 95x95.jpg

Joe and Peter video (1.5 hours) - The video begins with Peter showing the test engine to which he will be adding a cell soon. Joe and Phil play with a Suzuki without positive on the coil. A discussion on the cell from Joe's perspective. (Video by PowerPedia:Peter Stevens (Ingventor) June, 2006)

OS:Bill Williams' Joe Cell - Peter Stevens has been a principal player in this open source replication project.

In the News

Free Energy Blog:2014:09:01 - Peter Steven's machine works by reflecting sun rays during the day, heating lights at night. With the aid of magnets this forms a vortex of negatively charged ions in the atmosphere. (Free Energy Blog September 1, 2014)


Peter Stevens

Casino, New South Wales, Australia

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