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PESWiki (.com) is a wiki site focusing on advancement of cutting-edge, clean energy technology. Founded by Congress:Member:Sterling D. Allan, the site now has nearly 2000 articles and is recognized as "'an authoritative source in the field of cutting-edge, clean energy technology".

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Departments has multiple active departments into which it partitions its coverage, collaboration, and promotion of cutting-edge, clean energy technology:

Directory - bullet point outline format

PowerPedia - encyclopedic format, similar to Wikipedia, often building on pages at Wikipedia.

Open Source Projects - for collaborative development

Events - both conventional and non-conventional

Latest - announcing major page additions at the site

several more (less active) - including Academy, PAC, PeerPedia, News, Store, Classifieds, Sites, Game, Library

Most Popular Pages

As of Aug. 20, 2006, according to, some of the more popular pages at PESWiki are

Acetone as a Fuel Additive (260215 views)

Main_Page Main Page (236820 views)

Directory:Hydrogen_from_Water Hydrogen from Water (127585 views)

Directory:Fuel_Efficiency Fuel Efficiency (113867 views)

Bedini SG quasi open source project (93839 views)

Bill William's Joe Cell open source project (73951 views)

Perendev magnet motor co. (68756 views)

Latest additions (57073 views)

Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc (51921 views)

BioPerformance fuel additive co. (51579 views)

Directory (50769 views)

Top 100 Energy Technologies (47686 views)

New Energy Congress (46778 views)

Bourke engine (41461 views)

Cycclone motor (40408 views)

Open Source energy projects (40148 views)

Events (39333 views)

Solar Hydrogen (34245 views)

Lightning Power (31186 views)

Home Generation (30869 views)

Torbay's magnetic motor (25753 views)

Hydrogen Peroxide as Fuel (25081 views)

Bio-Energetics (24965 views)

Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) engine (24634 views)

Nikola Tesla (24592 views)

PowerPedia (23300 views)

Andy gravity motor (21906 views)

Nanotechnology and Energy (20388 views)

Kanarev electrolysis (19773 views)

Telesis Magnet Motor (19551 views)

Howard Johnson Magnet Motor open source project (18261 views)

Cold fusion (18055 views)

Electrocharger (17660 views)

PES Academy (17584 views)

Vortex Technologies (17510 views)

ForceField DYI wind generator (17037 views)

Stirling Energy Systems (16573 views)

Tesla's Dynamic Theory of Gravity (15680 views)

Gun Engine (15645 views)

'Free Energy' definition (15519 views)

Tesla Motors, Inc (15354 views)

PAC (15322 views)

Not So Welcome at Wikipedia

Many of the topics at PESWiki are on subjects that Allan was not able to post at Wikipedia when he attempted to do so back in December of 2003. At the time, such content was considered too controversial, or not sufficiently established scientifically. His cold reception here spurred him to create PESWiki in August of 2004. Wikipedia gives coverage to 'established' science and entities, while PESWiki emphasizes those on the 'cutting edge'. It is, really, a synergistic relationship, and cross links do exist on both sites. Someone needs to push the envelope. Wikipedia is unwilling, so PESWiki stepped forward in the field of energy research and development.

When this PESWiki article was posted at Wikipedia on Aug. 12, 2006, within minutes, it was designated as being a candiate for There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2], sustained by a strong majority of votes for deletion, albeit on mostly unfounded reasons.

New Energy Congress

Housed at is the New Energy Congress content, an organization founded by Allan in September of 2005. The mission of the NEC is to review various energy technology claims, and to weigh them against a fixed set of criteria, such as clean, renewable, affordable, reliable, safe, credible, and politically feasible. Their Top 100 Energy Technologies listing is a dynamic repository of the results of their ongoing deliberations.

Mediawiki-Conversant users

An introductory page targets MediaWiki-conversant users to help them know the differences in PESWiki layout versus WikiPedia layout.

PES Network Family of Sites

PES stands for "Pure Energy Systems"

Besides PESWiki, other related sites operated by PES Network, Inc. include

FreeEnergyNews - Daily energy news and directory

Pure Energy Systems News - PES news stories and selected press releases

PureEnergySystems - Corporate site

Financial Backing

PESWiki is owned by PES Network, Inc. The company is supported by advertising revenue and from sales of a few energy-related items. Earlier, in its launch, the company received many donations, along with a sizeable loan and grant from Jim Newburn.

Site Statistics

According to the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[3] page,

as of Aug. 19, 2006, the site had 4732 total pages in the database. This includes "talk" pages, pages about PESWiki, minimal "stub" pages, redirects, and others that probably don't qualify as content pages. Excluding those, there are 1912 pages that are probably legitimate content pages. There have been a total of 6,057,216 page views, and 27,805 page edits since the wiki was setup. That comes to 5.88 average edits per page, and 217.85 views per edit. There are 1599 registered users. 30 of these are administrators.

External articles and references


Other Official site

Google > PESWiki - 50,000 results, many of which come for RSS feed pick-ups. SU:

Acetone In Fuel Said to Increase Mileage - "PESWiki is a publicly editable website where you can post a summary of your results, or create a full page, with all the details you wish to report, with images and links to video or spreadsheet data." (Industrial News Update March 19, 2005)

PESwiki (Pure Energy Systems) - "It is all about alternative, clean, practical, renewable energy solutions I had a field day with it, and I believe that any technocracy-minded individual would be interested in it" ( Aug. 6, 2006)

PESWiki renewable energy solutions - The community-built resource that focuses on alternative, clean, practical, renewable energy solutions". (

Directory:Electric Vehicles - PESWiki - "wow, what a massive collection of all kind of electric vehicles, amazing" (hugg )

Blacklight power and PESwiki - "It has a lot of info about Blacklight power and our friend Randy Mills." (Skepticality Jul 14, 2006)

Forget Peak or Veg Oil, go Water Engine: plans, video, politics of zero point excited H20 - Multiple links to PESWiki where a Joe Cell replication project is hosted. (''' May 24, 2006)

Environmental Warfare - PESWiki: "Weather Control Technologies. Evidence for both technological know-how and real-life implementation." (

Earth Magnetic Field Reversal - "PES Network Inc. wants to encourage people ... to participate in ... data collection and reporting. A community-editable directory page at has been created for this purpose." (

Tesla Motors... - "Check out this link [at PESWiki] about a new aluminum battery design." ( June 1, 2006)

Hydrogen Peroxide Page of the Year - external links: "Hydrogen Peroxide as fuel" - (

PowerPedia:Anti-gravity - PESWiki - "Critics of various alleged anti-gravity devices, such as the Lifter, often suggest that unusual effects observed around them are due to electromagnetism. Electrokinetics is the science of electrical ..." (

PESWiki - "community-built 'free energy' website sponsored by Pure Energy Systems ( Focusing on alternative, clean, practical, renewable energy solutions." (Plaeiades-Enterprises)

Directory:GeoBioreactors - PESWiki - Geobioreactors (TM) A process that may provide opportunity to convert finite oil resources to long-term generation of natural gas. (Yahoo local directory)

Wikipedia user: Enochlau - "Since it's been published on PESwiki, it should not just be discarded as "nonsense". The PESwiki-site is by my judgement very accurate (scientific magazines frequently discribe some of their topics)." (July 2006)

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