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PowerPedia:Parallel Path Magnet Technology

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: ''For resources related to Joseph Flynn's Parallel Path technology, see Directory:FlynnPPMag

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Parallel Path technology, US6246561. 1.75 times more forces is delivered tothe legs of the cores than is delevered by the electrical input to the control coils.



Joe Flynn's Parallel Path Magnet technology is based upon the confinement, manipulation, and direction of flux fields within a core. While exotic performance is obtained, the basis for the art resides within accepted principals of physics. Numerous practical applications exist for flux transfer technology, including high performance electric motors.

The basic layout consists of a single central permanent magnet. However, altering the layout by placing the control coils in the center, and using two permanent magnets while keeping the overall core flux density the same, requires half as much input to switch. This is why it is commonly termed 'Parallel Path' technology. The cores can be adapted for generator output, by placing coils on the armature of the cores, but this application has specialist switching requirements, and is not easily replicated by the casual experimenter.

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The basic flux switching experiments can be adapted to rotary applications. The armature of the core is removed, and instead motion is imparted to a central shaft. While some believe the single pm generator application offers the most practical utility, the dual pm motor is in fact a more advanced and practical embodiment of flux switching principals.

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