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PowerPedia:Larry Spring

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Larry Spring, Explorer of Radiant Energy

School of common sense physics

Larry Spring's School of Common Sense Physics contains the following flash-animations:

1. Magnetic Polarities

2. Principle of Electric Motor

3. Magnetic Attraction / Electromagnet

4. Electromagnet

5. Mendocino Brushless Solar Motor (ed: this is Larry Spring's thing, could find a Borderlands 1992-vol.48-No.2 mention of it)

:The motor has four solar cells attached to two copper wires, wound around an armature suspended in a magnetic field. A radiated magnetic field (magnesphere) in the visible range activates the electrons creating electrical current. The solar cell is a diode which permits electrical flow in one direction. The armature of the motor has magnetic fields of opposing polarities formed on either side. These interact with the magnetic field of the permanent magnets, adding magnetic strength on one side and a cancellation effect on the other. This causes a turning action.

6. Coils and Magnet

:The same principals are applied when the coils stand still and the magnets move. When an electrical current is run through two sets of copper wire coils, the electromagnetic field of the coils interact with the magnets. This "alternating" current times itself with its own rotation.

7. Small Electrical Motor (ed: others have done various versions, see Directory:Videos and [diy simple dcmotor] )

8. Friction

9. Lines of force