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PowerPedia: Jack Talbert's Gasoline Vaporization

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Jack Daniel Talbert (born December 19, 1968) is an American inventor and entrepreneur, best known for his work on gasoline vapor induction of internal combustion engines. Talbert (as a serial entrepreneur) created his first venture, a mail order business, at age twenty-two. He opened and co-owned retail stores in Kansas specializing in alterative medicines and computer hardware and networking services. Talbert has written articles for Kansas based newspapers and nationally published periodicals and magazines. He transitioned from writer to author in early 2007 with a series of graphic novels and fiction storybooks. Talbert has worked in information technologies since 1987.


The youngest of seven children, Talbert was born in Salina, Kansas and raised in Abilene, Kansas. He is the son of inventor George Newton Talbert and Lois Jean (Sutton) Talbert. His Grandparents, The Reverend and Mrs. George Hilton Talbert, were Nazarene evangelists that started Christian missions outside of the United States. Talbert attended elementary and junior high schools in Abilene, Kansas until age fourteen when he began attending the Abilene High School. At age seventeen he graduated ahead of his class from Abilene High and enlisted in the United States Navy. Talbert obtained a degree in Information Technology Systems Management while attending Service School Command at the United States Naval Training Center in San Diego, California. During his stint in the Navy he served on the USS Acadia (AD-47) in operation Good Hope during operation Desert Shield in the Persian Gulf conflict. The ship on which he served was the responding vessel to the USS Stark following an attack on the Stark by an Iraqi aircraft, which began hostility towards Iraq and furthered hostility in Iran during 1987. After being honorably discharged the military, Jack returned to Abilene, Kansas where he worked as a computer operator for a regional retail chain store. Unfulfilled with a life of climbing the corporate ladder, Talbert wrote the articles of incorporation for The Talbert Corporation in 1994 and began his first retail storefront. Talbert married in his early twenties with his first marriage ending in divorce in 1995, he later remarried. He now resides in Manhattan, KS.


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Talbert's father, George Talbert, was an inventor holding four patents in his lifetime. One of his inventions was a gasoline vapor system for internal combustion engines, the original prototype of which still exists today. George Talbert twice won awards for his inventiveness in the New Ideas contests of the mid-1970s. Picking up his fathers’ research, Jack Talbert redesigned the elder Talbert’s fuel system and fit the new system onto a 1981 Oldsmobile Delta 88. He received media attention for his work, as it made news in papers across the state of Kansas as well as statewide television coverage from television stations in Topeka Kansas.

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The invention, officially gasoline vapor induction, converts the high-octane contained in gasoline into a gaseous state before introducing it into the intake manifold of gasoline burning engines. This system allows gasoline to be stored in the vehicle as liquid gasoline, yet ignited and used similarly to a liquefied petroleum gas like propane. It allows energy consumers the convenience of gasoline and the also the benefits from an LP gas system. An added benefit of the system is improved fuel economy.

Jack also designed an improved system for gleaning electricity from magnet current via means of a permanent magnet alternating current alternator. This design, officially magnetic wavefront current technology, uses a very low-drag bearing system to increase the output of a standard dual rotor axial-flux three phase alternator, similar to those used in small application wind turbines. This technology promises to extend the range of electric vehicles and can also be used as part of an efficient electrical distribution system for the commercial power grid.


(6.20 Minutes)

Alternator test and control explained This video explains the conditions of a control and test of a new type of alternator. (YouTube October 08, 2008)

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Talbert has submitted his designs and energy plan to the Virgin Earth Challenge. He has also entered a similar plan to the Google Project 10 to the 100th.

Talbert has been a lifelong advocate of clean energy and green technology. He has written a comprehensive energy plan that he has been promoting to representatives of the Lower House of Congress.

Talbert's research on magnet current technology was reviewed by the late Dr. Eugene Mallove for possible inclusion on articles pertaining to Aetherometry and zero point energy.

Business Ventures

Talbert started the Talbert Corporation as his first true corporate holding, and has since developed retail storefronts including Serenity Cove Health and Nutrition Centers and Discount Computer Solutions, both were in operation for a ten-year period in Central Kansas.

As well he wrote the articles of incorporation for the non-profit 501c(3) Phoenix Research Institute, where he acted as treasurer he also founded United Renewable Power and Electric, Inc. Of those ventures only United Renewable Power and Electric, Inc. is still in operation, although the venture is idle at this time, lacking investors.

Talbert has been a strong advocate of clean energy and green technology. His vision of a greener future is so strong that he has written a comprehensive energy plan that he has been promoting to representatives of the Lower House of Congress.

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