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PowerPedia:Grid Interface Considerations

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Regarding tying a home generation or distributed energy generation systems to the utility grid.

Net Metering

More and more utilities are required by law to pay customers for electricity that they generate and send onto the grid. The meters on such cases are able to run backwards when the generation is greater than the usage.

Grid Interconnect Device

Facilities with on-site generation capability, are required to have a device between their system and the grid that synchronizes the power and disconnects the power in the case of a grid outage. Such devices typically cost around $1000 dollars (?).

List of products/suppliers:

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List here

Phase Synchronization

The 60 Hz AC cycle of a home generator system must be in phase with the AC cycle of the grid.

Line Worker Safety

One of the reasons that a grid interface device must be installed for grid-connect, generator scenarios, is that if there is a grid outage, the device will shut off power from the generator to the grid, so that line workers are not electrocuted.

Some Municipalities Require a Grid Account

In most (?) places, people who reside in populated areas are required to have an account with the local electricity carrier. (?) Possible reasons include:

Assurance of pipes not freezing to prevent water loss for the system.