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PowerPedia:Floyd Sweet

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Space Quanta Magnifier or Vacuum Triode Amplifier of Floyd "Sparky" Sweet

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Floyd Sweet Articles

Nothing Is Something: The Theory and Operation of a Phase-Conjugated Vacuum Triode by Floyd A.


Cheniere: - with contemporaneous commentary by Tom Bearden

Image:Floyd-Sweet coil sq 95x95.jpg
PowerPedia:John Bedini / PowerPedia:Floyd Sweet / Directory:Radiant Energy > Videos: Energy from the Vacuum series > Sweet Memories -- DVD number 30 in the - Few people know that in the early days of the development of Floyd Sweet's seminal overunity device, which was measured as putting out over a million times more power than was input, PowerPedia:John Bedini was an integral part of the team. ...It was John who in fact built and tested many of the key components for Floyd Sweet... (EnergyFromTheVacum March 3, 2012)

External Links Dedicated to the SQM of the late Floyd Sweet

Floyd Sweets SQM Replication Project. - has now started an on going project, dedicated to the replication of Floyd Sweets SQM. Started 19-02-2005.

HYIQ theory of SQM

PGFED Patrick J. Kelly: Devices Part 5: description of VTA - Floyd Sweet's 'Vacuum Triode Amplifer' solid-state free-energy pick-up device

SWEET, Floyd: Space Quanta Magnifier ( Vacuum Triode Amplifier ) ~ Sweet's SQM, also dubbed the Vacuum Triode Amplifier (VTA) by Tom Bearden, is a Free Energy Generator that utilizes "conditioned" Ba-Ferrite magnets to produce 60 Hz power --- up to 5 Kw in the prototypes he built. Here are several papers by Sweet, Bearden, and Rosenthal, plus diagrams, photos, and video.