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PowerPedia:Energy processes in free-full electromagnetic generators

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In explaining the operation of the magnetic motors two main questions arise:

1) How may mechanical work be performed at magnets interaction, i.e. how may an workable construction using only be built the magnets interaction forces and their magnetic energy.

2) If such workable construction exists, then how the magnetic energy of magnets, which inevitably is spent during the construction functioning, is replenished.

The second question is answered further from [1]. We present here the theory of functioning for various magnetic fuel free energy generators. The theory is within the confines of the existing physical paradigm. It is shown that such generators (regardless of their construction) draw energy from the environment similarly to a heat pump.


Energy and Power

Figure presents the scheme of energy transformation in the generator, where

: W - energy,

: P - energy conversion power.

In the generator the following energy processes are taking place:

At the interaction between permanent magnets of stator and rotor the rotor begins to rotate. The magnetic energy W4 transforms into kinetic energy W3 of the rotor. The power of such transformation is equal to P1 - see Longitudinal Wave in the Body of Permanent Magnet.

The transformer of kinetic energy (electric generator or inductor) transforms the kinetic energy W3 into electric energy W2. The power of such transformation is equal to P2.

The electric energy W2 is transformed into consumer energy W8. The power of this transformation is equal to P8.

Permanent magnets of the rotating rotor radiate electromagnetic energy W1 - see Maxwell Equations with Magnetic Charges. The power of radiation is equal to P1.

The radiated energy W1 forms a wave. The power of this formation is equal to P4. This wave is observed as magnetic waves - see Magnetic walls.

The wave, having electromagnetic energy W5, exchanges energy with the air in the area of its existence – medium 1 - see Energy-dependent Electromagnetic Wave. The temperature of this medium decreases, and the energy of this medium assumes the value W6. The power of such energy exchange is equal to P6. Temperature decrease is felt like cooling of medium 1 - see Cooling electromagnetic generators.

From environment 2 (possessing unlimited energy W7) a thermal flow P7 enters into medium 1, as the environment 2 has higher temperature than medium 1.

Part of the wave's energy is absorbed by permanent magnets, which due to this fact maintain the constancy of their magnetic energy W4. The power of such absorption is equal to P5. In magnetic motors the energy conservation law is not broken!


:1. Khmelnik S.I. Energy processes in free-full electromagnetic generators. Publisher by “MiC”, Israel, 2011, second edition, ISBN 978-1-257-08919-2, USA, Lulu Inc., ID 10292524

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