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PowerPedia:Dan Davidson

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Dan Davidson is the author of "Shape Power" -book

"How shape converts the universal aether into other forces, proven how the pyramid energy is created, shown that energy conduits exists between our sun and other stars which lead to a hyperspace drive."

Dan A. Davidson is the author of "Energy: Breakthroughs to New Free Energy Devices" -book

"A summary of proven free energy inventions into the 1970's, John Keely's amazing discoveries, Schauberger's Zokwendle, and many other tidbits."

Dan Davidson has a patent on an acoustic device that is related to Norman Wootan's Magnetic Resonance Amplifier

in 2001 Dan Davidson held a lecture entitled "Shape Power and Gravity Resonance Phenomena" at the Keelynet Convergence Conference ( source for dvd of workshop+lecture )


Biography of Dan A. Davidson

list of books for sale via keelyNet