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PowerPedia:Bruce De Palma

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Bruce Eldridge De Palma (1935&ndash1997), was an inventor, electrical engineer and physicist.


dePalma build a Faraday's disc / Homopolar generator that he called the N-Machine, N standing for an unlimited number of applications, the device was expensive but demonstrated to be able to produce five times the energy required to run it.

Regardless of numerous demonstrations dePalma's claims of free energy have been verbally discredited by many scientists over a course of twenty years, scientists who rather than publish their theoretical refutation or testing the claims (whereby making it part of the history of science) chose to completely ignore it if not intentionally remove him from the historic records.

One of the greatest proponents of the N-machine was and still is There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1], with whom he corresponded regularly over many years. Tewari's There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2], claimed to be 200% efficient, is based on the same theoretical foundations as the N-machine.

dePalma also describes several other interesting physics experiments (see website)


De Palma was the son of noted orthopaedic surgeon Anthony DePalma and elder brother of film director Brian De Palma, was a well known figure in the Free energy community. dePalma studied electrical engineering at MIT around 1958, worked at several electronics companies in and around Philadelphia including Dynadio on audio amplifiers and General Atronics on acoustic electronics for sono-bouys, then went to Cambridge MA Polaroid corporation. In the mid-1960s, he was a lecturer in the laboratory of Dr. Harold Edgerton, the renown inventor of stroboscopic photograpy. In the 70's he was a lecturer at MIT.

In his search for financial backing for the construction of a marketable N-machine he relocated from Santa Barbara, California to Australia c. 1994, and then New Zealand in 1996.


Image:BruceDePalma N-Machine 95x95.jpg

Bruce DePalma - DVD + collection of correspondence - Site presents a DVD containing a history of DePalma's rediscovery of the Faraday Homopolar motor/generator effect, and the many experiments which led to his building of hte "N-machine", co-rotating a magnet and conductor and generating electricity. Also gives an account of the MIT / Harvard / UCSB institutional denial of any of DePalma's contributions towards the further understanding of magnetism.

External links & references

THE HOME OF PRIMORDIAL ENERGY, De Palma's website with numerous articles.

Bruce E. De Palma: N-Machine, 3 Articles by De Palma

Free Energy - The N-Machine

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