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Plauson Book 29

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can as in Fig. 15 remains. oscillation-circles represented.

In Fig. 20 is only fü: nf stator

In all patterns described so far the kurzge Veroch is) edene hl. 11. h S manufacturing costs f DS. Wicklungo sports club ossenen OSZI atorlsc EN C wmgungs travel au' ern (ator dit like kinds rllr on the rotor in: Stator or rotor disc embedded. It jst ~: I: n~nro: now in addition, possible, sometimes even very desired, 4ie torundStator. zeInen elements of the Schwingung~kreise similarly wieHaefner

Alteneck windings to implement, both on the stator and on the rotor.

Then that part of the oscillation circle e.g. on the rotor, which forms side on the rotor disc the capacity, comes (on Fig. designates 17 with I and 2), diametrically more gegen¬über the feeder line which is on the other side of the rotor disc (Fig. 17 with 3 designates), or with multipolar rotors with desired bending. If one half of the rotor disc is suction-wound, then one winds the other half likewise, but in reverse sense, so that between the feeder lines the capacities forming pipes come here, whose feeder lines come the first half between the capacities rolled up first, similarly “, oie with the Haefner Alteneck system the direct current coil are implemented, only with the difference that the individual sections consist here of individual oscillation circles, there however only briefly closed wire coils.

In the same way like the rotor one knows also the stator wickelll. N ur the feeder lines at the end must become the side gebogeIl. Such types permit a special utilization of the Verbindungsleiters of the individual oscillation circles. It continues to be possible after this coil system to switch two or four etc.

Kondensatoren in series by on rotor (or stator) a surface opposite a condenser tube (in Fig. ) instead of a connecting leader dieser' 8elege second, for which comes, designates 17 with I and 2 to be appropriate for first same condenser tube. Both condensers becomeal at the ends by lines switched into series with one another.

One has the possibility, in which kind the following new forms of Rotorwicklungen euszuführen:

#) in wreath/ring form, so that all ladder are connected with the axle (parallel system)

#) all condensers are switched to two series and such series again in 2, 3 or 4 and more parallel groups with the axle are connected.

#) all oscillation circles become with one another ge in series, switch etc.