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Plauson Book 28

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wechseistrom engines.

The resonance engine begins to rotate and can work 1eisten. je' the resonance between the charge stream and the primary and secondary oscillation circles on the stator and on the rotor is better, the more ideally is the effectiveness and the initial torque. The engine can be adjusted by tuning and/or detuning of this resonance both and switched off and easily, by obtaining another Eigenschwingungsperiode and thus another wavelength and frequency by change of the capacity or self induction.

In Fig. the Zuf├╝hrungsle exists 15! tung II from a simple circle line. In practice however it can be put into some turns to receive to umzwischen two oscillation circles a determining tension. In addition, one can get along with a turn, if one attaches an electromagnetic counterweight for the third electrode in the form of capacities (represented by S or M). Instead of producing by secondary induction in the stator a rotary field, one knows this through-direct induction also in the Schwingungskreise. For the purpose one branches a second ring circuit from the main line before the third electrode off (Fig. ) and an adjustable Selbstinduktionsspule (16) in series connection attaches 21 to this branching a capacity or.

The river runs then from the Heuptleitung 15 partly without induction resistance into the ring circuit II and excites without delay a number of Schwin gungskreise (9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14a, 15a and 16a), about the self induction resistance 16 by the ring circuit I. by the self induction this part around 1/e period is partly retarded (during correct attitude of the resistance) or around 1/e period ahead accelerated (if the phase shift by condensers is caused). Thus however another set of oscillation circles in the stator received (1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8), of them charge around 1/e period is late or accelerated takes place.

Thus in the stator a rotary field is produced, that the rotor in rotation to bring and. Work to carry out can. The individual oscillation circles are as in Fig. 16 and 17 implemented, only becomes the individual groups of I to 8 (Fig. 21) by ring b and 9 to 16a by a second ring A short circuit, during after Fig. 15 all oscillation circles by a ring to be short circuit. It is possible, on this principle. to build not only asynchronous engines, but also-synchronously working. Then m, uss however the stator line from two main distribution board rings 14 and 15 to couple (Fig.20) exist (without them metallically with one another).

All oscillation circles must receive as with pattern 16 three electrodes.

The rotor.