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Plauson Book 26

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two rings from IsoliermateriaJ (fiber etc.) with the taps fastens A, A, b, b.

In practice are this-struggle however not necessarily, since the tubes more.der whole length are simply embedded after into the cylindric base of the rotor from IsoIiermaterial, which is fastened a metal cylinder on the rotor axis, on dyrselben axle (isolates or also short circuit) are two metallic rings 6 and 7.

By the special feeder line 4 one half of the oscillation circles is in the same way metallically continued to connect with ring 6, and by the lines 4a the other half with ring 7. In addition, one can connect all ends with a ring or all with both, furthermore even all feeder lines can be switched off, if one regards the axle as a common connecting leader, want one the self induction of the individual oscillation circles to increase, then the rings must be isolated from the axle 6 and 7, and the feeder line 3 is not short circuit as on Fig. the connecting leader 3 can be put to 18, but her between the condenser vouchers I and 2 and the connecting leaders 4 and 4a with the ring 6 and 7 on the rotor axis into some WindungeR (Fig.1 9), here lies.

By Auewahl of suitable capacity and self induction the individual oscillation circles of the rotor must brought to the resonance. become with the energizing current on the stator, this type of rotor resembles very the famous asynchronischen type of the rotors used in three-phase engines, the so-called squirrel wheel. Also the connection of the individual Schwjngungskreise can take place parallel not only with one another, but also in series and Gruppenscha4ung, exactly the same as with usual three-phase engines, only that instead of direct leaders always individual oscillation circles from condenser surfaces and induction resistance are taken.

Effect. Upward indicated Vorerklärung more over those execution that welse OF the RH. l EGG. R “. D…. l “h. sonanz. eIDze nen ernente TM resonance engine incoming goods now mog 1C of acres, engines it. the fashion OF action OF thesis of engines ton describe (Fig. 15). Highly swinging electromagnetic rivers acres derived by LINE 14 and 15 tons the engines to and and excite the individually oscillation circles with three electrodes (NUMBER 3), present RK the stator, those, as were above already mentioned, into resonance tons been correct of acres ton the full load current oscillations (? /i or 11. Wavelength). Electromagnetic oscillations into the third electrode excite for their part all oscillation circles b b b, in then