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Plauson Book 24

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10 over two condensers - A and 6a connected. In certain cases the condenser batteries ä and 6a can be replaced by a parallel switched battery 18 (dots drawn). The stator can be designed in different way. From the stator line (thick Linienzug 11 and I) e.g. twelve branchings go into twelve short circuit oscillation circles, which are radially into the stator surface embedded.

Everyone of these oscillation circles possesses a certain given capacity and self induction, which are so selected that they adapt to the wavelength of the energizing current. These twelve oscillation circles form the twelve electromagnetic fields. Between these twelve oscillation circles, which are connected with the main line, are twelve other oscillation circles, which are been correct on same wavelength, i.e. the same induction coefficients as well as those

same capacity possess, but are connected with the feeder not directly. The oscillation circles connected directly with the feeder are named b and other with A. generally speaking receive the stator twenty-four individual oscillation circles. The first twelve oscillation circles are however not directly metallically connected, 'separate by a cylindrical staff b a surface induction are caused. In order to describe before the saying more near, are in Fig. 16 four such individual oscillation circles and their connections with the main line 14 dargeslellt. Hierflir becomes in this invention a neuarliger condenser benutzl, which is characterized by the fact that it possesses three vouchers. As from Fig. 16 to see is, becomes the short circuit oscillation circle consisting of the two condenser vouchers I and 2, which are short circuit with a melallischen leader 4 of ineiner turn, by the drilte allocation 3 erregl, which is metallically with the Hauplleilung connected direkl. If the capacity and the Selbstinduktionskoeffizienl are so computed in this drilten line that the own oscillations are in resonance with the oscillations of the main line, then the maximum at electromagnetic energy is supplied to the short circuit oscillation circle. Selfverse-rurally the line dimension can be selected in such a way that it 112 or only 'I.

Wavelength entsprichl.

In practice führl one the KoQdensalorbelege in the form of metallic tubes out (Fig. 17). As the third condenser surface, which is to be considered as exciters, slehl in the Mitle (in Fig. 15 by 3 and b, b, b bezeichnel) a Slab or a tube. Between the individual tubes and also between the exciter electrodes is a guler insulator. Thus one receives a very fesles and comfortable system from oscillation circles for high-swinging rivers both up