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Plauson Book 23

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adjust. These motor types can be called about this resonance engines. In Pig. 15 attached engine consists in his main parts of individual oscillation circles briefly closed in itself. The electromagnetic oscillation poles both the stator (un¬beweglicher part of the engine) and the rotor (mobile part of the engine) are radially embedded or fastened in a suitable firm insulator. Sämlliche of oscillation circles become from the Hauplstromleitung of a eleklromagnetischen source of oscillation suitable frequency and more or less absorbed nature gespelsl. Everyone such oscillatory circuit exists for itself of a closed oscillation circle, given by self induction, Kapazitäl and Ohm's resistance. From it results:

#) a Mögiichkeit to operate also with electromagnetic “oscillations of high Wechselzahl engines of arbitrarily high horse power since a sufficient number of such oscillation circles can be planned parallel in the engine

#) a possibility of designing for the enterprise with eleklromagnetischen oscillations of high Wechselzahl also asynchronously working engines (for similar purposes, for those the current synchronous engines for usual alternating currents or. Three-phase alternating current to be used)

#) a possibility of being able to count not only on a desired number of horse power in advance to obtain but also a widerslandsiähige and a simply executable construction form

#) an ideal Ein and elimination and an adjustment of such Moloren by change of the resonance i.e. by change of the capacity or the

self induction coefficient of the energizing current the more or less good resonance of the individual oscillation circles in relation to the main stream is destroyed or manufactured.

Determined by attempts that the same machine works accordingly differently, ever more or less the mechanical components with their natural oscillations of the natural oscillations of the energizing current to differ. After a set of attempts the engine received in Fig. 15 drawn, simplified execution form. By the wring leads (14 and 15) the engine from the source of the electromagnetic Schwjngungen is fed by high Wechselzahl.

The wring leads are with the secondary transformer