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Plauson Book 22

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different intended purposes are prepared and in the following to be described.

Explanation of the principle of the transformation electromagnet punch oscillations into meehanlsche energy

The impact of the closed oscillation circles, consisting of spark gap 1 and two condensers 5 and 6, the primary coil 9, like also the secondary winding 10, is exactly the same, as described 14 for pattern. Are further in Fig. 15 schematically two motor types represented, which serve high Wechselzahl for the transformation of electromagnetic oscillations received from static electricity into mechanical energy.

Tesla Engines

Also on that areas of the high-swinging rivers were to be solved difficult questions. So far only the engine system was Tesla admits (schematically in Fig. to 15 by 16 and 17 represented), on the features of the Hysteresis is based. The engine is compound from iron pins and metallic disks. If on the same electromagnetic oscillations of high Wechselzahl influence, a rotary movement is produced. The description of this pattern serves only for the explanation of the basic principle it does not have however in the execution of large machines any practical interest because of the impossibility of the adjustment and because of the low effectiveness

Resonant Engines

According to available invention all are overcome these difficulties by construction of a machine, which is applicable for elektro¬magnetische energy high change number of more or less absorbed nature. Mg. the first form of a such machine shows 15. The difference between the principle of the Bau'es of these engines opposite the used so far consists of the fact that the engine contains keide magnets and not alone on the principle is based to the magnetic induction (like all current engines and also the Tesla engines), but on combination of the pure static induction with the electromagnetic in the static field. Since the engine is intended for high-swinging rivers, then must be as iron-free as possible er' and manufactured made of well leading metal. It was now shown that for the supply of such engines without magnet metal rivers of more or less absorbed N cannot only be used atur, to switch off but that also due to their special characteristics opposite electromagnetic reesonance features the possibility is given, the engines simply and safely in and and too