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Plauson Book 21

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the static atmospheric electricity been into electromagnetic oscillations possible, the difficulties of the isolation, the building construction, the adjustment, to become starting and switching gentleman off.

From Fig. is evident to 15, how the arrangement for production and transforming of the atmospheric electricity, shown in pattern 14, can be used. Particularly emphasized sei' the main difference between these and other earlier inventions. It consists of it that two parallel spark gaps are an¬gewendet, from which the one as work distance (7) and the other one for the safety device against overvoltages serves.

The latter consists of several individual Funkenstrecken with larger total distance than the work distance, arranged in series connection, and is bridged with very small capacities (aluminium, bl, Cl), which has the purpose to make the even sparking possible in the safeguard distance Continues to mean in Fig. 15 A an air antenna for the collection of atmospheric electricity (specification follows still), 13 connection of the safeguard spark gap with the earth, 5 and 6 condensers, 9 primary coil.

If now by f! , .ntenne A the positive, atmospheric electricity is anxious with the negative charge of the earth to adjust, then the Luftzwischenraum between the spark gaps prevents itself this reconciliation. How evidently from the design, the resistance of the spark gap is 7 lower than with that! , ndern spark gap, the spark gaps switched from three into series exists and consequently one three times larger air intermediate distance to overcome has. , Thus, as long as the resistance of the spark gap does not become 7 Überlastet, unloadings take place only concerning this.

However if the tension increases by any influences so much that it could become dangerous for the allocation of the condensers 5 and 6 or for the isolation of the windings 9 and 10, then a non-inductive unloading takes place to the earth when correct regulating the resistance of the second spark gap by means of these, without the machine is endangered. ühne this second parallel arranged spark gap also larger resistance than the work spark gap is it possible to collect and make large quantities of electricity usable safely. In Fig. the simplest is selected 1,5 represented pattern and only, in order to explain the basic principle. For practice ~ind more complicated patterns necessarily, from those the most important for use