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Plauson Book 20

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the static electricity the lnfluepzmaschine. 7 and 8 is spark discharge contacts, 6 and 5 switched on condensers, 9 switched on inductive primary coil, 11 and 12 line ends of the secondary winding 10. If the disk of the static electrostatic generator is set by a mechanical Kraft in turn, then comb collects the positive, the A! 1dere the negative electricity.

The allocations of the condensers 5 and 6 are so long loaded, until the screen end becomes so large Spannungserhöhung that the spark gap will pierce 7 to 8. Since over spark gap 7 and 8, over condensers 6 and 5 and inductive resisted themselves 9 a closed electric circuit forms, so entsteheQ, as well-known, into this circles electromagnetic oscillations.

High Wechselzahl

The produced high-swinging rivers in primary circles induce rivers with the same frequency, jedoce of already completely electromagnetic nature in the secondary circle. The electromagnetic oscillations will maintain by new charges of the static electricity. If the number of turns of the primary and Sekundärkreises stands to each other in correct relation, which one can compute with correct application of the resonance coefficients (capacity, inductance and resistance), then one can convert the rivers of the primary circle with high tension in such arbitrarily low tension and higher amperage.

If oscillation unloadings become weaker in primary circles or to diminish completely, begin more wiedrer the charge of the condensers with static electricity, until the spark gap will again pierce. All of this repeats itself so long, when of the static machine electricity is produced by supply of mechanical energy. It is not to be maintained that this application of the static machine and the transformation of the produced electricity do not admit according to above pattern in former times were such remarks were described already often applied and. It is stressed only priority on the fact that in this invention first these.

Experimental assembly for the production of atmospheric electricity for practical purposes brought in application and that the machines (engines), necessary for such rivers, were designed, as well as their circuit and adjustment patterns. By this invention alone the possibility is given to make really atmospheric electricity energy source usable for the technology as practically comfortable 'without by the plant mortal danger for those people exists. It is further only by transforming