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Plauson Book 19

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Difficulties of the saftey, as well as the isolation of the axles and other parts not possibly. Such uncommonly large tensions would be possible that short-circuit and spark copy could not be avoided. Likewise it is impossible, such large [unknown] to switch off (regate safely and or adjust for even load to feed engines with high-tension rivers foreseen from manifold other obstacles, which forbid at all. After available invention the atmospheric electricity becomes [unknown] of the new [unknown] into mecamsce nergle umgewan et, which differentiated EN aupt palnzips from the past inventions on this areas forms, [unknown], those separate the static electricity by antenna lines in more mospärlscher. Electricity in the form of direct current of very high tension and small amperage [unknown] runs, converted into electro-dynamic oscillation [unknown] energy of high Wechselzahl. Thereby many advantages it is enough and eliminated all disadvantages.

The electro-dynamic oscillation energy formed in closed, oszillatorischen electric circuits produces built machine in another electric circuit, e.g. in one been suitable, by resonance:. effect electromagnetic waves of desired size and mechanical effect. Furthermore the resonance effect of such rivers permits, , in simple and comfortable way a starting, the adjustment and the disconnection of such machines to cause, this takes place simply by means of tendency and/or detuning of the resonance in the transformer circle and the river flowing in the coil of the machine. Such rivers, except for engine enterprise, are further f Urverschiedene other areas derTech.nik directly zuyerwenden, e.g. : Lighting, production of warmth and Elektroche I1ie.

In addition one knows with such rivers a set of Apparatuses without direct firm current inlet, completely apart from the possibility, they feed f Ur wireless telegraphy and telephone to use. In practice large difficulties were to be overcome, because it was not well-known, how one should design such large machines, and how the electromagnetic oscillations necessary for the supply could be adjusted by so high Wechselzahl.

In the following a specification is to be given, how these questions were solved. In Fig. a simple pattern is represented 14 for the transformation of static electricity into dynamic energy of high frequency. For clarity of the design is calibrates an air antenna, but a lnfluenzmaschine accepted. 13 and 14 ssind collection combs .