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Plauson Book 18

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over a surface of 1, 10, to tighten 100 or more qis fortunes. Must rate however here a number of other conditions considered, which are to be described on the basis designs later more near.

The collection OF the atmospheric electricity by means of large antenna system has the comparison example mentioned above (collection of the solarly power) opposite the following two advantages, which understood tons use so far nobody recognized and: 1. the application of large collecting surfaces (the individually lenses and/or mirror surfaces, which find during utilization OF solarly heat to application, one can emergency as make large, as the collecting system) 2. the large capacity of the collecting apparatuses for the atmospheric electricity (by the lenses or hollow mirrors one can affect emergency as large of surfaces, as with the antenna system).

If one counts the other difficulties, which the utilization of the solar power in the way, like changes of the seasons, change of the position of the sun to the Zenith, still in addition, then it results that conditions for the collection of atmospheric electricity lie substantially more favorably. The latter is also not to those Application of compact collecting surfaces or at certain locations or such restrictions binds. It supports itself rather by arbitrary ring or netlike arranged wire communication, which are carried for set up strongly ionizing collecting antennas in arbitrary headroom of, ground of in even distances been suitable and these among themselves to connect.

The openings such shape of set up rings or nets know all the the vertical antennas are more largely its, the higher, since the whole line delivers neither warmth nor light shade. The static electricity is continued to store owing to its special characteristics by condenser effect in the antenna wire, and it is possible to distribute it evenly by g~eignete engagements of special condenser batteries for Jn the net and to receive kolossale charge capacities in this way, for which there is no analogy with the collection of the solar power.

For aforementioned reasons it can be counted on the fact that available procedure the production and Nutzb!}rmachung the atmospheric electricity really on a cheap and a comfortable Way will make possible. A lack, which adhered to all past inventions, was that that always one tried to transfer the electricity immediately into mechanical. Even if it e.g. succeeded to design an electrostatic generator from large strength to then would be nevertheless its application because of that