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Plauson Book 17

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:4. No inventor recognized importance and meaning of an antenna collecting tank net from several individual collecting tanks, which are connected among themselves by electrical conductor, spread over the earth in air.

:5. No inventor recognized the importance of the use such high capacities for these purposes until today as means for the increase of the capacity used with production of atmospheric electricity condenser batteries, whose correct engagement conditions aus¬gearbeitet, as well as at all. (Consequence of the fact is that to today only extremely small electric charges and these in a practically useless type of current were available.)

:6. All inventors were always anxious to convert the collected static electricity of air directly into mechanical energy which encountered evenly insurmountable difficulties.

:7. So far no devices were used or intended against overvoltages, lightning danger etc. by the inventors. Gleichfalls was possible an adjustment of such an energy in no way. It is impossible to use the atmospheric electricity as long as the obstacles given after 1 to 7 are not eliminated.

The collection of the atmospheric Electricity can with the comparison of the SIdS IhdZB. Sammlangder amm ung it onnenwarmeenergle verg IC EN who EN. not possibly .ISt it atmaopb&rl also on hot summer days, in a boiler, its ifeen iitee: Surface the sunbeams is evenly suspended, the water of the suns to energy-to cooking bring, although the sun mix also large warmth delivers.

If one would concentrate those sunbeams however by large lenses, which must be substantially larger than the boiler surface, on essel, then one could bring the water not only to cooking, but even to evaporation. Without collection of the jets the Wärmedichte is not sufficient on given square a surface for heating.

The same applies in similar sense also to the atmospheric electricity. If one sets up only a Antenna, then only those parts of the atmospheric electricity are tightened, which are in the proximity of the antenna. Since the density and movement speed of the electrically charged particles of the Atmosphere are only small however, then also the induced tension will be in the antenna wire kJein and mit¬hin also the amperage.

The ring or netlike arranged, strongly ionizing collecting systems in accordance with available invention permit however to collect larger electric charges there it electrically charged particles