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Plauson Book 16

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Sammel1: 1etz carried, to the goal to lead could not. The balloon had to large loads to carry and received therefore to large extent. Large attack regions, so that surely tearing the whole collecting TZE was to be foreseen had storm, Regenund other atmospheric influences, without talking about the fact to that such large envelopes of the balloon lost dauarnd large quantities gas by diffusion. Thus its use and Rentabllitat were impossible, even if a collection of atmospheric electricity möglfch seems to in this way actually be.

The second error of the past attempts was that all inventors the atmospheric Electricity eusserst directly as statisihen direct current of high tension and Ieiner Stromsterke to use wanted. Nearly insurmountable difficulties of the isolation and adjustment face this application. Procedures, which permit, this kind Electricity into another, less gerährliche form, which was not technically usable commodity, too yerwandeln, yet well-known, which had everything only is found.

All this had to be found only.

Hauptgrllnde of the blherlgen failures

The principal reasons of the past failures can in the following general points to be summarized:

All inventors thought for attaching heavy metallic nets on individual air balloons from nonconductive, tear upable and the gas letting through materials as collecting tanks.

No means had been used, in order to increase the ionization of the collection coefficients of the collector nets by artificial means (radioactive substances, photoelectrically working substances, devices for the education of ultraviolet jets etc.).

No inventor has an attempt with balloon collecting tanks made from sheet metal.

:# such metallic balloon collecting tanks however rolgende important possess and aur other way not advantages which can be reached: aluminium the metallic coverings is impenetrably for helium and Wasserstoff' them places gJeichzeitig Erosse metallic, weather remainders of Collector surfaces.

:# Radioactive means etc. can be easily attached inside or outside, whereby the ionization and thus also the collected quantity of the atmospheric electricity is substantially increased.

:# Such balloon collecting tanks made of light alloy do not need to be large, since they must carry Dur their own small weight and that of the wring lead.

:# The whole system offers therefore storm and wind w~nig to attack regions and becomes resistant and stable.

:# everyone? One can lift and lower balloon easily by a hoist, So that all repairs, Nachrüllen etc., safely wlhrend the work are auaführbar.