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Plauson Book 15

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Further nothing is well-known over the atmospheric electricity, apart from the fact, .dass in newspapers publications of shining successes of an inventor appear here and there, the one new invention to the Nutzbarmar: hung of atmospheric electricity to have ago made wants and for these purposes money searches.

Tried one, with these people in connection to set, then always turned out that either large sums had to be paid before, in order at all only something details too experienced, or the invention always existed in gleir: hen thoughts: A balloon from silk was suggested, for which a net with many needles should carry. In which way the Anlj! ge before lightning or overvoltage to be g~sch├╝tzt or like the transformation of the Electricity in a technically useful form as well as their adjustment be made should, of it knew itself the gentlemen neither one seriously thought conception out to make, still for it proofs furnish.

From above-said it follows clearly that the attempts to win atmospheric electricity thereby that air balloons rise as collecting tanks are left, those on a non-metallic envelope of the ballon --herein all inventors agree - a metallic Ergebnie of the preliminary tests