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Plauson Book 14

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Execution of the Erhilzung in practice, and it is at all questionable whether the desired result is to be obtained thereby in addition are the large balloons from things with ~en heavy metal nets and - sharpen to and for itself a thing offering no prospects.

In the further the American patent is 1014719 from 16. January 1912 inventors: Walter L. Pennock, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania mentions. The patent claim reads in the translation about follows dermasseri: The patent protection becomes geforden for a collecting tank for electrical charges, which consists of a number of carriers and a metal net, which are held in such a way by these carriers that it is appropriate for particular the carrier mentioned above, which furthermore anchor devices possesses in one level and in approximately even distance, from everyone, which with gemein¬samen points after everyone the carrier mentioned goes out, which furthermore a device, the carriers in their normal position possesses to hold, and in addition a device attached between everyone of the mentioned carriers and the net, which permits each carrier to adapt fast and independently each changes of the air flow.

Also after this patent one lets balloons from silk and such materials, which carry metallic collecting TZE, ascend into air. As is shown by the patent claim, the patent protection sought for the kind of the execution of the balloon herab¬hängenden leader. Because of this small difference of the previous patents I refrain from a more exact explanation.

Would last be that D.R.P. 248580 of the 22.Juni 1912 Inventor: Heinrich Johannsen, Luebeck to state. its patent claim reads as follows: . Procedure for catching Luftelektrizilät by means of senk¬rechter or diagonal leaders, thereby ge marks that into the line a high-tension power source is switched on, for the purpose, the point resistance to lower. “ Patent specification. . Procedure for catching atmospheric electricity by means of more perpendicular or diagonal leaders.