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Plauson Book 12

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Tension also into belleutend a lower transform. Since one has to do it however in this Fa1le with a direct current, then usual transformers can not be used for this purpose. In addition the Electricity in this case possesses a much to large tension, so that when using common transformers the largest part of the collected electricity would come again into loss. 'The only applicable method is for this purpose the transformation by means of the planning ashes rheostaischen machine, by this high-tension electricity almost completely without loss transforj11iert will can. Thereby the question of the transformation would be solved only the preservation of the constant tension remains for more. This is reached in the following way:

Rheostatische machine 18 or only one part of the plates stands for the latter change-over of the rheostatischen machine with any charge measurer (electrometer) in connection, whose mobile part closes one, contact, what is caused, how the same unloaded. The potential sinks, and the ElektromeIer takes its initial position, whereby the Slrom umschailung the causative Elektromagnelen becomes interrupted and the P'atten of the rheoslatischen machine tension geschaltel. Then now to the erneulen charge ferlig and is again unloaded with the beslimmten tension. This play repeats itself continual, so long the apparatus in the enterprise stehl.

To the easier understanding the pattern of the rheoslatischen machine is indicated. Fig. the load position shows 12. The panel 42 is connected with the Fesselballon, while the last panel is led to the earth. Fig. the unloading position shows 13. In Fig. the rheostalische machine is drawn 8 in the load position, and that simplicity half is not the connection of the panel of 42 with that contacts 17 gezeichnt just like also the contacts for the unloading position (Fig. 13) is omitted.

With the elektrostalischen Schaltapparat' (Fig. 9) combined effect of the mechanism is the following:

The contact roller 27 (Fig. ) always one brings to 9 by the feather/spring 37 into the load position. In addition axle a Electromagnet 35 is gekeilt, and at the rack the firm magnet 36 attached on d1e. If now the electromagnet 35 is energized, it turns the contact roller under Überwindung of the spring action into the Enlladestellung. Damil the excitation 'umschallende? Electromagnets selbs, ttälig with a certain tension take place, is a elektrostalischer switch (Fig.9) indicate-indicating eight.

That mil the earth connected voucher of the letzlen or the voucher of any other condenser is not with the balls