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Plauson Book 11

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a suitable heating source it heats up whereby between the Dappelwänden of the balloon continual warm gases vein air flow rotates.

Under the basket with the wire nets leiiend ver¬bundene ball bearings 14 are attached, its tap with sorgi: iltig isolated, easy and sufficient is connected for firm cables 15 leading.

On the surface of the earth the hoist 16 (Fig.6) is, by means of which the balloon can be down-pulled and brought to the rise, as soon as the internal balloon with illuminating gas or hydrogen is gefüljt.

With the increase of the balloon the carried out over liquid work can be stored in any accumulator and be made usable with the Niederziehen of the balloon. The end of the cable core is at one at the axle of the hoist isoJiert attached collector firmly, from which the electricity is derived by means of a sliding contact. Collecting the electricity takes place by means of the fact that the balloon is down-moved by means of the hoist continual up and.

With this movement the balloon receives a turn, which will not change its sense by the shovels 9, since during the transition of the rise to sinking the balloon or turned around the shovels are tilted by air resistance, and therefore the balloon the turning movement in the same sense to give. In order to avoid here a turn of the cable, the ball bearing 14 is intended. The fact that the turn of the balloon takes place with on and descending in the same direction illuminates from the following.

The shovels 9 are easily swivelling, whereby the axis of rotation does not fall into the center line the same. Hierdl1rch places itself the shovel with the downward course of the balloon in in Fig. 10 drawn position, and der' balloon is from right to left turned. During the upward course the shovel tilts, b it the lower notice 10 limited (Fig. I). IE one sees, takes place the drive from above after air flow arranged downward again from left to right, the balloon can thus its direction of rotation maintained. By this up and Niederbewegen and tricks of the balloon the purpose that the same with as much as possible water particles floating in air into contact comes, is reached.

Of collector rings 17 derived electricity nJn a too high and much too much a changing tension possesses, in order to be able to be veaertet directly. Since one maintains accumulators too ladan and only the easily adjustable river with an irregular Elektrizitätsquelle first the same further used, then one must to the shop of the accumulators the electricity on more constant, derived from the collector 17, stretches! to receive lng. search and those