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Plauson Book 10

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One forms for water vapours. According to this theory now the water droplets floating in the air layers are to be regarded as carriers of the electricity, and a rational system of the derivative of the atmospheric electricity must the same now of the water droplets ab¬leiten. This is way-reached after available invention on the following

With pointed needles of provided catching bodies of mög lchst large surface becomes into higher air-laminated? moved, however by a suitable heating device continual warms up. By the heat water droplets become! dey the catching bodies directly surrounded, the capacity the same evaporates decreases aJI¬mählich, and thus the tension of the charge rises.

It is now easy evidently that the whole charge of the droplets, as soon as the same evaporated, on which catching body Über¬gehen becomes, from which it be derived can. U m however the evaporated and their charge robbed droplets by new and loaded to replace, becomes the catching body the surrounding enclosed design schematically represented, in Pig. 6 and 7 by the opinion and the cut of the catching balloon. Pig. the deriving device, Pig.9 the regulation device, pi shows 8! (. 10 and II a shovel in their two positions, Pig. 12 and 13 the circuit way of the rheostatischen machine in their two air in relative motion shifts. A remark example of the invention article is up positions.

The pre-adjust consists of a double-walled balloon I, 2, the light wire nets, favourably from aluminum wire, occupied with one with needles, covered is. The balloon carries also the net 3, on which the ring 4 made from firm, but light material (wood, pipe etc.) is fastened. The latter carries the basket 6 by means of the cords 5. In the level of the ring 4 still the ring 7, that is by those easily swivelling gelagenen shovels (9) spread and by dle cords 8 in its position held w! about SI haufeln of covered framework with light material, whose turn in both directions is limited by the notices 10, consists. The shovels form with the vertical one appropriately an angle from 60 to 70 degrees. All wire nets, cords, rings and shovels can be covered? with small Metallna'deln, which are connected among themselves leading. Of the area II fühn of the deepest point the pipe 26, formed by dje Doppel¬wände of the balloon, too, which in the 'basket 6 untergebrach1en coiled tube 12, which is again with your in the upper Tei, 1 of the intermediate area II connected to flowing pipe 13. The coiled tube: becomes by means of