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Plauson Book 09

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the same wants to obtain by the following patent claims:

# procedures for the Nutzbarinachung of Atmospheric electricity, thereby characterized that the same by means of a be¬wegten, by a g~eignete HeizqueJ] e of catching body heated up it is caught and trans¬formiert by means of a rheostatischen machine, how to the charge of accumulators the Electricity thereby on constant Spal! nung to be held that the rheostatische Machine or a number of their plates is connected with a charge measurer (electrometer), that, as soon as dte rheostatische machine was loaded on a certain potential, knows by the excursion of its mobile part a contact closes, whereby, under switching of a relay, an electromagnet is perhaps brought to responding, the change-over of the rheostatischen machine effectuation

# Device for the execution of the procedure, consisting of a double-walled LuftbaJ] on (1, ge¬kennzeichneten in requirement 1., 2), which by a MetaJ] net provided with needles is covered and when the Auf¬ and descending by tiltable shovels (9) in revolution one shifts, from a Hejz¬rohr (12), which is through tubes with upper and lower parts of the area (II), formed by the Dop~elwänden of the balloon, connected, aus' mjt the wire net in leading Ver¬bindung standing ball bearing (14), which with the taps des¬seiben leading connected cable (13), that with the KoJ] ek¬tor (17) provided winch (16) and the rheostatischen machine (18).

3. During the device characterized in requirement

2. the application of a Electromagnet, which is excited by a charge measurer (Elektro¬meter), connected with the rheostatischen machine, to the change-over of the rheostatischen machine, as soon as the potential achieved the same in-certain measure ".

Patent specification:Procedure and device for catching atmospheric electricity

Available invention trilft a procedure and a device for catching and deriving atmospheric Electricity, which make it possible, larger quantities of the same in usable: to receive it form.

The Erfindungsgedanke is based on your theory of the atmospheric electricity, after the the same by the condensation of