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Plauson Book 08

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under oil are. All work on the high voltage transmission line before by means of laliger ebonite seaweeds ground fault is made, whereby for preventing of short-circuit the line must be interrupted at the same time to the battery thus the tension sinks on zero. On the balloon stations are necessary: the apparatuses I, 4, 5 and 6, the latters however without dare and only with electromagnet in that Ground conductor to the Unterbl echung (Fig.4). The Schienerigeleise must on. the ground conductor of the balloon station put its, füi' the case that once the cable puts over the anchor car or the chain cable affected.

If one takes now managing patent application under the magnifying glass of the criticism, then it must be stated that the Erfindungsgedanke for the following reasons cannot be lebensflihig:

# The balloons must possess very large volume, since they are to carry d1e of large heavy nets and the strong rope. The latters must be strong, so that they are not torn up by the storm.

# The expansion of such a plant over large surfaces - z. B. IQO qkm - is therefore: A) commercially impossible, because a great many balloons of this kind were needed, which would be enormously expensive, and B) practically not executably, because one cannot secure such large balloons in large heights sufficient before storm also the same, there made of things, ground very fast leaky. From it large dangers for humans, the result if such a balloon tear off and from leak from on earth fall, became a Kurzschussnt stand, the tremendous disaster, which death of many humans could entail.

For above reasons already this patent is not usable to be used nevertheless is it int~ressant because of the attempt, which so collected electricity to the charge of a double battery of ever 20000 small accumulators, from which the energy delivers, while the other one is loaded. Such a system would be the most ideal solution of the Transforinierung of hQchgespannter rivers atl1Josphärischer electricity into river kinds of low tension usable for the technology. Because of the isolation difficulties it is however unfortunately impossible to load 20000 elements with approximately 50000 V 1 more usser that the initial costs of the 40000 elements would be to expensive, completely apart from the fact that the maintenance of these batteries do not only require many people, but also with large danger for the supervision personnel it would be connected.