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Plauson Book 07

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is led, by an isolating india rubber pipe, by about 10 rn high mast down to a hand winch w present under oil, whose drum provided with steel axle is formed by porcelain or ebonite, so that one can with each change of the length of the chain cable for the case of zero wind or storm also the cable accordingly stop and again stretch

From the hollow mast M out the line goes underground through one. Channel up oil insulators under the gel ice for the anchor car away and then as high voltage air line after the battery station, which can be established also for several balloon stations together.

There a double battery of 20000 small accumulators each is to be set up, from which always a battery delivers river, while the other one is loaded. For this purpose one must be able to switch everyone one behind the other into approximately 300 groups at will nebenĀ¬ and. The accumulators must rest by groups on racks, which are carried by oil insulators.

From apparatuses are on a battery station except usual flat TAP-ready necessarily:

# Erdschtuss with simultaneous interruption of the line to Battery.

# Adjustable spark gap as Nebenstromkreis with ground fault to the announcement of interruptions.

# fuses for the case of Kurzschi1uss of the battery.

# Ammeter.

# Pendulum electroscopes.

# Electrostatic one dares to the innocuous making of line interruptions, by the same with exceed more eiper certain tension ground fault one manufactures and by a electromagnet in the ground conductor the line to the battery one interrupts. {In Fig. 4 is the electrostatic dare omitted.)

# automatic commutator (Fig. 5) for the charging current, be standing from electromagnets (omitted in the design), which brings two levers with isolated connection to the

high voltage air line and to the earth with Poland the battery depending upon current direction in or to other sequence in connection.

The last device is particularly important for the utilization of the extraordinary, but sign after rapidly changing electrical tensions of the thunderstorm and heap clouds, that large Konduk gates and condensers of the atmospheric electricity.

By pie 3.6 million points of the net thereby the plant appears secured against each destructive spark discharge All apparatuses except 2, 4 " and 5 must have contacts from platinum and for preventing of sparking and fusion