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Plauson Book 06

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similarly as one things materials in folds puts, then it could be lifted later again intact into air.

In order to be able to notice also a large wind force in 1000 to 2000 rn height with relative peace at the soil, a Federdynamometer put onable in any place without detachment of the chain cable must steadily the tension of the latter anteigen. If such a case of strong upper wind arises, then the bare short binding is naturally already sufficient to the safety device of the balloon and net

Which concerns the potential of the atmospheric electricity, then a potential gradient of 150 V for I is rn as always available to regard after numerous observations. For 1500 rn height would result in that 225000 V. If one wants to charge a battery with the received river from 20000 one behind the other switched accumulators, then it requires a charging voltage of 45-50000 V, for which straight still the isolation can be accomplished. From it a voltage drop of 175000 V in the environment of the net, which after the observations over the conductivity of air with grösserern potential gradient a sufficient river secures, results particularly due to the 3.6 million of fine points of the net and the constant continuation of the unloading air layers from the wind. So that the electricity collected by the net can be derived now in addition, isolated, about 100 rn a long silk rope T by sixfold security, which is protected from wetness by an india rubber casing, must be switched on, into the chain cable F, and, be led the electricity by a special cable G of 5 qmm for casting steel cross section and 2 qmm copper soul downward below the place, where the bronze wires are fastened to the chain cable.

While now the cable G after a well embodied, hollow iron mast M, is the chain cable leads to the electrically operated hoist Weines of anchor car fastened, which, according to kind the mobile crane with swivelling upper rack, provides jib and counterweight, on a circular rail gel ice with approximately 20 rn radius around the mentioned hollow mast to move can, so that it is able to follow each change of the wind direction. The jib of the anchor car serves to keep the lower horizontal part so high the Seilkurve described by the Fesselballon over that ground that it does not schJeift.

It is necessary that cables and chain cables are from each other distant in air always far for enough, in order to prevent an upper jumping of the high voltage stream. That is possible by a tauter tension of the easier Lejtungska~~ls. DeshaJb goes this, after it by a slip ring G carried by e1nem Olisolator