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Plauson Book 05

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Rn lineally and all two axle camps I are one behind the other set up to distances from 7 to 8 possess (Fig. 3). Built up on the same the two 300 rn are enough for Slahlrohre R R, and provided with the necessary hooks, by lelztere safeguard panels small by boreholes of the pipes put, and become screwed on!? n. Whereupon wires are to be stretched from Pfoslen to posts, on which the necessary number of roles with the needle-occupied bronze wires is. The ends of the same are raised to the hooks a Slahlrohres geknlipfl and the latter by the Fesselballon, which is to carry the net, so that the bronze wires of the roles complete themselves. So that the dlinne steel tube no bend experience, it is carried by 40 Gussslahldrähten, which hang on the hook for the chain cable and branch out toward their lower end three-way, so that they can be befesligt in distances of approximately 2.5 rn at the mentioned pipe. Dieseiben are in their length like that abzugleicheil that they form approximately an equal-leg triangle of 250 rn for height, whose basis is the pipe carried by them also they need to have only 1 qmm cross section against the center, during toward the ends of the pipe a Quersc--hnitt of 2 qmm necessarily isl.

If the needle-occupied bronze wires are completed, then they become to the zweile steel tube geknüpfl. After 31 bronze wires of 0,13 qmm Querschnilt without NadelQ, further on the opposite side of this pipe in distances of 10 rn, are beftlstigt for the derivative of the Elektrizilät, the net so because is lifted, until about 1000 rn the chain cable by the hoist of an anchor car it is completed, on which to the cable it fastens the bronze wires jointly but becomes only so loosely strained that the net down-hangs almost vertically, with its surface senkrechI the Windrichlung. If the net is to be removed again, then approximately in reverse way, only with the difference that thereby small electric motors at each second post step into activity, those will proceed by wheels with a removable Cutout, by which they can be touched down easily on the lower pipe, the latter in revolution to shift and the needle-occupied wires to the same to complete.

It can occur however the case that for the acceptance of the net in this way sufficient Zeil does not remain, if approaching storm with a larger wind force than 25 rn the rapid salvage of the Fesselballons behind a wind protection with the help of, the electrically operated Anke running on rails " rwagens makes advisable. Then \ ias net on a sufficient even must Place easily on the ground to be established,