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Plauson Book 04

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necessary mechanism, consisting of a number of posts with ever two axle camps and some small electric motors. “


Net for collecting atmospheric electricity.

The subject of available invention forms, with approximately 3.6 million needles an occupied, ungefäh~ 9 hectars large and net which can be held by a kite chain balloon in 1000~2000 rn heavy against 700 kg for height for accumulating atmospheric electricity together with the mechanisms erforderiichen for isolated derivative For the clarification of the state of affairs is emphasized that those.

For the clarification of the state of affairs is emphasized that those Franklin attempts the possibility of the derivative of atmospheric electricity for the earth long did that it concerns however with the voriiegenden invention particularly around the described mechanism, such, which suggests a commercially usable amount of energy of the derived atmospheric electricity. Which concerns the aids to the commercial utilization of the net described in being inferior, then is referred to the patent No. 98288 standing with available article in closest Zusammenhange. In the enclosed design a such net is together with the kite chain balloon in Fig. 1 in front view represented, Fig. a side view shows 2, while the Fig. 3-5 details represent.

A such net N (Fig. 1) can be manufactured by means of two ungerahr 300 rn long casting steel tubes R R, by 1 mm of wall thickness and 2 cm diameters, which will receive the same by Ineinanderschieben of individual pipes from production length and fastening by small steel pins with screwed on safeguard panels. These pipes are to form the two horizontal sides of the square net, between which about 1200 vertical bronze wires of 300 are to be stretched rn length and 0.04 qmm cross section in distances of 0,25 rn. Since rn much purifies the thin wires in distances of 0,1 and length sharpens needles of 1 cm carry must, then they are wound meanwhile before slowly on Rol) EN and the needles with the help of a springy eye open at their lower end are touched down. The eye must selbs (understandably the wire size so adapted to be that it wedges deQ wire and that the needles sit sufficient firmly. Also rolling up must happen sufficient loosely, so that the put on needles do not break. The main difficulty such a square network of 300 rn side length offers an installing and a removing the same, the whatever latter in Ausnahmerallen becomes necessary - can. Is necessary for it a number of man-high posts (p), in