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Plauson Book 03

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The fact that here really electrical discharges took place can do out following in 2. Book of the Chronicles, Chap.7, verse 3, described place to be taken DAuch saw falling down all children Israel the fire and the glory of the gentleman over the house, and fell to their knees, with the face to the earth and prayed on and thanked the sir, it good-naturedly are eternal and its mercy lich last. “People saw here the impact of lightning into the lightning conductor established on the temple. DI1ss the collection and Aufbewl1hrung of the atmospheric

Electricity much gefäh " to be rlich could, if someone did not understand with the federal drawer to deal, read 'we further in the 3. Book Moses, chapter 10, where the sons Aarons, Nl1dl1b and Ahibu wanted to bring, d~m Mr. Freudenfeuer, what the Mr. them not ordered hatteWir to read that a fire proceeded from the gentleman and it verzehrte, so that they died before the gentleman.

From everything it is evident that Moses were and its contemporaries the first connoisseurs and Ausnutzer of the atmospheric electricity. Were not natural them, how us, which admits to electrical laws separate only the effects of these mystischen Kraft. These features are probable the culturally more highly standing Egyptians even already admit been, and Moses may have bring along its knowledge of the priests from Egypt.

From this time to the attempts Frl1nklins with BJitz the production of atmospheric electricity made only small progress for arresters and Rimans attempts. With the study of the meteorology the large interest in the atmospheric electricity was again excited, and in the last 30 years several times the thought stepped to light to use it. Which was already done in this regard by other researchers, I try to describe in the connection hieran briefly, by lighting up this question I1m of best patents spent through in former times.

The first patent, that according to indication German realm Reich office, is that is given D.R.P. No. 98180 of the t9. January 1897. Inventor: Dr. Heinrich Rudolph in Stc Goarshausen A. RH. The Patentl1nspruch reads: Your by a kite chain balloon carried, from two steel tubes and many vertically stretched fine wires manufactured, large and nevertheless extraordinarily light net for the collection of atmospheric electricity together with for installing and for the acceptance of this net, occupied with needles I'rüher announced patents and their evaluation.