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Plauson Book 02

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from the electrotechnical point of view only to a conclusion come: Moses and Aaron knew already at that time as one could collect an unknown göttliche Krart from the Lurt, as one had to aurbewahren the same, and as it worked, because of-today's point of view of the Wissenschart regarded the federal drawer can have been nothing else as a Leydener bottle or a condenser of very large capacity, which by means of into the Lurt of arranged points with atmospheric electricity was loaded. The fact that the charge kept itself good and worked well is only the constant shop with atmospheric electricity to attribute as well as the dry climate in Palestine.

It comes out from the Biblical description that the ssundeslade out well isolationable noble wood had fitted made and also gold and such a thing from the inside and outside. Thereby all conditions were erffillt rur a good electrical condenser or a Leyden jar.

E.G. the gentleman writes the Moses forwards (2. Book Moses, Chap.25, verse 10-15):

: 10. Make a drawer from acacia wood third-half inches is those Length its, 1 "/. Inches the width and 1 "/. Inches the height.

: 11. And is it R \ it pure Gold cover inweItdig and by heart (exactly like a Leydener bottle) and make a golden wreath/ring around above.

: 12. And pour four gUldne rings and make it to its four corners, thus that it zween rings is aur a side and zween on the other Seit~.

: 13. And make bars from acacia wood and cover it with Gold.

: 14. And put it into the rings at animal drawer sides that one it thereby carries.

: 15. And the same are to remain in rings and not out are done.“

Furthermore still is given the drawer description specification the building in the Chap.37-38. From everything that a electrical engineer could not make it better nowadays, wanted it follows a Leyden jar to build for the purpose, humans a göttliche Kraft the Ungeweihte to kill immediately can to lead before eyes or to pretend.

The charge of the federal drawer with atmospheric electricity in the all-holiest was obtained by many columns and golden points. In addition, the whole temple was, as from the description hervorgehl, provided with hundreds of gilded points, by presenting gold on zedern and acacia wood bars.