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Plauson Book 01

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General part

The production and utilization of atmospheric electricity for the well-being and prospering of mankind is already lang~ the begehrt1ste a goal of the scholars and researchers the implementation remained however until today a pious desire, and it. did not succeed to somewhat really reach WertvoJles and for industrial purposes usable.

The cause for this is not to be looked for in the fact that the electricity freely schlummernde in atmospheric air is not to be exploited at all, but primarily in it that the science before solution of this problem had to solve a set from preliminary questions to, by their clarifying only the possibility of an utilization " of atmospheric electricity became at all conceivable.

Only in the last years their utilization could be made due to new experiences and investigations on that areas of the atmospheric electricity.

If we try many ages zur├╝ckwand~rn and to investigate the past according to data concerning atmospheric electricity then we must notice with being astonished the fact that nothing is new in the world that for a long time, for a very long time before the knowledge of the electricity at all admits the 'features of the atmospheric electricity was and that they, what appears still less glaublich were even used.

The knowledge of the effect and utilization of atmospheric electricity hand back already many thousand years, as we can infer from the holy writing. Thus we read all geweihten persons, with exception of the upper priest in the Ith book Moses that the federal drawer ili1 all-holiest of the temple Jehova possessed the own shank, to kill when affecting by a thunderbolt or a fire. Furthermore we read that 40 priests had in-dared themselves with absence Moses and Arons into all all this of the temple, and that from the federal drawer lightning drove out, which killed all 40 priests. If we experience now far from the books of the kings the design of the new temple by king Salomon, then we can