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PESWiki:Very Frequently Asked Questions

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This page is a list of very frequently asked questions that are asked extremely frequently by new contributors to PESWiki, at the Questions, and elsewhere. If your question is not answered on this page, see PESWiki:FAQ for a more extensive set of FAQs.

Q. Why doesn't an article show up in the search?

The search index is often out of date, sometimes taking weeks before it's updated. Recent changes are not reflected until the next time the search index is updated. Also, article names are case sensitive. The "go" button usually masks this, but if an article name includes a mixture of capitalized and uncapitalized words or any words in camelCase a redirect is necessary.

Q. Why suddenly all links became underlined?

If all the links in the articles suddenly become underlined (or the opposite), it's probably because your browser failed to load one of the stylesheets. Do a forced reload or bypass your cache.

Q. How do I create a new article?

This information is on Help:Starting a new page. You might also look at PESWiki:Your first article and There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1].

Q. How do I cite PESWiki?

See PESWiki:Citing PESWiki.

Q. Who wrote article X on PESWiki?

Any article on PESWiki is written by multiple editors, not just one. If you click on the "history" tab on the top of the article, there is a list of all contributors to the particular article. If your purpose is to cite PESWiki, see the question above.