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PESWiki:Tutorial (Wrap-up and more info)

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You're done!

You now know the most important things for contributing to PESWiki. Any comments or feedback on this tutorial? Feel like something wasn't explained well enough, or want to know about something that isn't here? Let us know by dropping a comment on PESWiki talk:Tutorial (Wrap-up and more info). You can also introduce yourself at PESWiki:New user log. If you need any further help, the main help page is located at Help:Contents (a link is always available through the navigation sidebar under Help).

Is there anything else to learn?

This tutorial has been kept short and sweet, but you can always learn more. We are happy that you want to help creating a new articles, especially if there are lots of articles linking to an empty page. Please do read PESWiki article advice below. For technical help getting started, see Help:Starting a new page. You can continue your learning through the links below.

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Advice and general information...



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PESWiki:Contributing to PESWiki

Learn how articles grow at PESWiki:Article development

PESWiki:Featured articles

Specialized tutorials...

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Style and technique references...

PESWiki:Quick guide

PESWiki:How to edit a page

PESWiki:How to start a page

PESWiki:Manual of Style

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Community and policy references...

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The PESWiki:Glossary

The PESWiki:Community Portal

PESWiki:Policies and guidelines