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PESWiki:To Free Energy Colleages

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To my friends and acquaintances in the Free Energy world,

Image:Teamwork 100.jpg
One of the things that can really help the cause of free energy is team work.

The wiki tool is a power method for collaborative site building. Collaboration lends to increased accuracy and credibility as well as interest. And its fun.

One of these days, we are going to have an incredibly awesome free energy technology to be open sourced at PESWiki, and we will need to be well versed in how to handle things so that we can serve the process well as thousands of people from around the planet seek to replicate, translate, post improvements, etc. We need a team of people seasoned in the process.

I ask of you, my friends, please learn how the wiki works. It is about as easy as learning how to email. You can do it. We all need you. The world needs us.

We need to be ready perform when our time comes, and it will come.

A good way to get conversant with it would be to go in and build a page featuring one of your favorite inventors or organizations or technologies. If your entry is outline-ish, it probably is best in the "Directory" section. If it is paragraph-ish, like an encyclopedia, then it is probably best in the "PowerPedia" encyclopedia section. Do your own organization or technology if you want.

I think you will find wiki to be a tool you will be glad you have tackled. It enables so many things to happen along the lines of teamwork and the advancement of knowledge. I predict that it will be a great boon for free energy promotion and dissemination.


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