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SysOp is short for "system operator". PESWiki uses this term for administrators of the system. Sysops hold the designated positions of managing the computer network, the people who carry out network administration. Sysops are PESWikins who have access to technical features that help with maintenance. Sysops administrators are those who have been given special access to the site, enabling them to do such things as

protect pages

edit protected pages

deleting pages

blocking other editors

access key pages

Sysops administrators can also undo these actions as well.

List of sysops

The following individuals have sysop rights at


You may want to check the "recent contribs" link to see if the user is presently active before asking something of them. Activity comes and goes for some of these users.

talk | recent contribs) - Template: 4, Founder of the New Energy Congress CEO of PES Network, Inc.

recent contribs) - Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor member

User:Ryxichic (User talk:Ryxichic | recent contribs)

Directory:Michelle Murphy (recent contribs)

talk | recent contribs) - Esa Ruoho

talk | recent contribs)

talk | recent contribs) - Congress:Member:Terry Sisson, New Energy Congress member

talk | recent contribs) - Congress:Member:Sepp Hasslberger, New Energy Congress member


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Meeting Room

PESWiki:Meeting Room - site administration

See also

PESWiki:User Profile Pages

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