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PESWiki:Seeking Topic Specialists

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by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

February 3, 2012

I want to step PESWiki up to a higher level.

When I founded PESWiki back in 2004, I envisioned it being a collaborative effort similar to Wikipedia.

Unfortunately, in large measure, it turned into a one man job with very little input/assistance from other editors.

Due to how hard I work on this stuff, though, it has still grown into a significant resource.

However, with its size there is presently a major insufficiency: I'm good at knowing a little about a lot, but what is needed are specialists who know a lot about a little.

How could one person possibly be an expert in all the areas we cover?


To get an idea of the many topics, see Directory:Topic Specialists

Here's a brief listing of some of the main topics (alternating non-conventional/conventional):

(Most of these topics are listed down the left column of every page at PESWiki.)

Cold Fusion

Solar (many subdivisions)

Noble Gas Engines

Wind (many subdivisions)

Zero Point Energy


Water as Fuel

Ocean Wave Energy

Magnet Motors


Gravity Motors

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Electromagnetic Overunity



Waste to Energy

Salt/Fresh Water Mix





Pyramid Power

Thermal Electric





Thorium Reactors

Human/Animal Power

Fuel Efficiency


Fuel Cells

Focus Fusion

Electric Vehicles




Low-impact Hydro

Beta Voltaics


Blacklight Power

Weather Control

Alternative Fuels

Grand Unified Theories


I would like to see each major topic area of PESWiki have a specialist whose tasks would include (this list is optimal and has some flexibility):

Feature the very best technologies/companies near the top of the topic page, in sequence of their merit.

Organize the rest of the page in a logical way.

Make sure the very best technologies are represented appropriately in our Top 5 Exotics and Top 100 Renewables pages.

Maintain the feature technology/company pages that rank in the Top 5 Exotics or Top 100 Renewables that fall within your area of expertise.

Maintain the topic News page, posting the latest developments there chronologically.

Suggest the best news items to also cycle through the home page at PESWiki and the main News page.

List your name/contact info at the bottom of the topic page as the topic specialist.

Maintain your personal profile page.

Answer questions that pertain to the topic.

Break off bloated sections into sub-pages to keep the main page from getting too large.

Maintain a newsletter to send out news updates for those wanting to follow that particular topic (could be as simple as copying and pasting the recent news into an email and sending it).

Monitor changes made to your pages by other editors.

Participate in the PESWiki admin discussion list to coordinate with other specialists and administrators.

Bring in advertisers relevant to your topic.

Your name in the Contact section at the bottom of the page might look like this:

John Doe [link to your profile page], topic specialist since February 4, 2012, responsible for ~5% of the content on this page, and ~25% of the organization of the page.

As additional topic specialists come along for the same topic, they can choose among themselves how to subdivide their coverage, as most topics have sub-categories of emphasis.

If there is more than one specialist per topic, then the priority will be based on such factors as:

Years of dedicated experience in the topic

Natural ability with the topic

Reputation in that field

Ability to communicate

Ability to organize material

Ability with the wiki format


For now, these positions will need to be filled on a voluntary basis but it is conceivable that in the future as PES Network's financial strength improves (e.g. from one or more of the technologies we've been helping along making it into the market), that we will be able to compensate the most active specialists.

For several years, PESWiki has been performing very well in search results, often shopping up in the first 3-5 returns on a relevant query at Google. Just imagine how that would improve if the topic pages were maintained by specialists.

As free energy (FE) technologies finally begin to make it into the marketplace this year, people will be looking for information about related free energy topics to see what else might be coming forward, as well as looking for information on the technology that has emerged into the market. Wouldn't it be good if PESWiki had an increased level of accuracy and clarity thanks to these topic specialists?

With that increased traffic and attention would come increased revenue from the ads on the site, making it possible to begin compensating the most active editors. With other revenue centers coming in, such as earnings from product sales (as some of these FE technologies get into the marketplace), it's conceivable that within a year or two, being a topic specialist at PESWiki could be a full-time career.


Editing the PESWiki site is not difficult. I learned probably 80% of what I know today from the first two hours I spent at Wikipedia back in 2003.

Once you're logged in, you just click on the "edit" link next to a heading to edit that section, or click on the "edit" tab at the top of the page to open the whole page for editing. Make your changes, then click "preview" if you want to see how it will look first then click "save".

The wiki keeps track of every change that is made, and you can revert a page to a previous version, just by opening that version from the history tab, clicking 'edit', then saving the page.

The site's Help section can walk you through how to do things.

The formatting of the text is easy. Here's an at-a-glance page for instructions: Help:Format

For example:

here's how you do a bullet point (asterisk at beginning)

# here's a numbered list item (hashtag/pound sign at beginning)

Title of Hyperlink for external hyperlink

There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] for internal PESWiki hyperlinks

bold (three single quote marks on both sides of a word)

italics (two single quote marks)

'bold italics' (five)

: indent (single colon)

:: double indent

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

In addition to topic specialists, of course we could also use volunteer help in various miscellaneous tasks:

Monitoring the edits being made

Update/clarify/build the help pages

Provide tutorial assistance to new editors

Guide consistency of style by the various editors, establishing style conventions.

Suggest allocation of funds as they become available

Interface with the advertisers

Interface with vendors

Store administration

Affiliate advertiser administration


We would like to get a topic specialist for each topic, to fine tune the topic, featuring the best technologies, and organizing the material in a user-friendly way. It has become too much for one person to do. If you are interested in serving as a Topic Specialist, please let us know. Include a brief summary of your credentials and interest.


1. Send an email to Sterling.

: We'll need to know your name, contact info (including Skype username, preferably). A brief bio (resume or CV is fine).

: Please indicate which topic(s) you wish to assist with. Also, list your experience/knowledge regarding those topics.

: Please also list your level of comfort with editing a wiki. (It's okay if you're not comfortable yet, but willing to learn. It's really easy.)

: Also, list what username you wish to use here at PESWiki (if you're not already registered).

2. We'll then review your application. If you don't hear back from us within a few days, please try again sometimes we get swamped with email and miss some good stuff.

3. The first task (whether or not approved, it would not hurt to have this in place) will be for you to build a profile page for yourself here at PESWiki as a practice run to see how well you can implement the tools to develop content.

4. Once everything is a go, then you can get to work on your topic(s).