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Websites is the corporate website of PES Network, Inc. is a publicly editable site with an extensive directory and encyclopedia. It is where most of our open source energy projects are housed. Because anyone (who does not abuse the privilege) can edit the site, it is great for collaborative work.

PESWiki vs Wikipedia is our daily news site, and also contains an extensive topical directory. is where we post news stories of our own composing, as well as press releases that we wish to feature.

Our news and directory is acknowledged by many to be the best available on the topic of cutting-edge energy technologies that move us away from dependence on fossil fuels and toward cleaner, greener, more reliable, safe and affordable energy solutions.

A primary outgrowth from and adjunct to PES has been the founding of the New Energy Congress (NEC), which reviews the various energy technology claims and then ranks them according to a fixed set of criteria. Also founded by Mr. Allan, in close association with the New Energy Movement, the Congress site is presently hosted primarily at because of that site's collaborative features and synergistic contents and purposes., an evolving list of the most promising energy technologies, is maintained with public input, although it is primarily populated and steered by the Congress.

We invite you to participate in the many avenues available, whether it be coordinating an open source energy project or building and maintaining a topical index page or participating in a specific technology discussion list of which there are dozens.