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Top priorities: really important features we don't have ...


Missed searches - user searches that returned no results


Report features and automation

Similar to the What Google Likes page and the request above: a report for pages visited most often (aside from, say, the Recent Changes and HomePage pages and other usual suspects).

Generate and place on an automatically-generated R/O page a list of the most popular Wikipedia searches. This would encourage people to write articles specifically on those topics that people search for.

A script to autogenerate the What Google Likes page once a day or so

PESWiki distribution

Since the text within PESWiki is covered by the GNU FDL there is a requirement that it be available in the most "transparent" form. I would suggest that since the publically viewable form of is HTML but the underlying dataset is stored in the wiki source form it is currently not available in a transparent form. I guess that it is possible to gather this data by using the "edit" button of all the documents and culling the information from the text field, but again this is not very transparent. Even if you do this, you still have lost the version information which could be argued to be a fundamental part of the data. Is there a plan to provide a download format from which a new copy of the data in PESWiki can be generated?