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PESWiki:New user log

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Hi, and PESWiki:Introduction to PESWiki! If you're new to PESWiki, drop us a note here and tell us a little bit about yourself. Most important, we would like to know about your interests (for which we have a PESWiki:List of PESWikins by fields of interest), your areas of knowledge, and the sorts of things you'd like to work on here at PESWiki. That makes it easier for us to help you start There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2]. We'd also appreciate it if you told us how you found out about PESWiki.

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:: post a comment,

:: enter your name as the subject/headline (which will make a new header for you in the log), and

:: sign your name at the end of your comment by typing four tildes: ~~~~. (This code makes a link to your user page, which readers can use to welcome you personally if they like).

::Your comments will then be added to the bottom of the list.'''

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Hello, this is my first time to this site. I had not heard of you before last night. A friend of mine, who visits regularly, suggested I visit. I use to run the Title 24, Part 6 energy program (California) for an engineer of residential plans. PESWiki looks awesome! What I have to contribute is from years of reading books and life experience. I look forward to the exchange of 411 with other members. Water4Gas has already caught me I will converse on this first. Anti-Gravity, Cold Fusion, better fuel economy, Nuclear, and Tesla! I am not university learned but I will enjoy these titles and more. I hope to make new companions at this site. Thank you,

RbRb 02:11, 6 January 2010 (PST)


: Hi. New energy modeling functions are my favorite study, with the picoyoctoscale energy field particle imaging system MAVCAM as the centerpiece.
The GT relativity integral atomic wavefunction succeeded beyond all expectations, imaging the h-bar magnetic energy particle, and the complete spectrum of energy waveparticles. : Now sustainable, renewable energy is closer to the answers. That progress can only come through refinement of the data density of the atomic topological function used to model electrical or chemical quantum physics. Relativistic quantum mechanics has many specific lines for improvement
of energy production and application, a wide open field. New quantum gravity imaging by MAVCAM appeals to the engineering community because present practice is being outmoded by nanotechnical quantum physics advancements.

Symmecon 01:39, 30 June 2010 (PDT)

Hi! I'm new!


It will be very nice get Your oppinion about my invent - rotary Stirling engine:

Best and warm regards

Andrew Wasowski