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PESWiki:Manual of Style

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A general note about naming new files. Think departments.

- If your page is a directory page, it should begin "Directory:"

- If your page is an encyclopedia entry, it should begin "PowerPedia:"

- If it has to do with news, it should begin "News:"

- If your page has to do with open sourcing, it should begin "OS:" and then be followed by an abbreviation appropriate to the unique project, eg. "OS:BMM:" Then, within that subsection, if you have a folder for replications, you could name all files there "OS:BMM:Replications/..." with "..." being the name of the particular replication.

- The only names that will take the root domain (no preface) will be the department indexes.

- Be sure to include the colon ":" after the directory name in a new page.

PESWiki Department Names

The following prefaces signify a page that has to do with the following energy-related departments:

Listed in sequence of activity at PESWiki.

Directory: - a feature index for main topics, companies, inventors

PowerPedia: - resource entries, with a fact-based Point of View (There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1])

News: - breaking stories and new bullets posted at PESWiki

OS: - open sourcing projects

Current events: - conferences, symposia, radio appearances

Academy: - course development

PAC: - political action items

PESWiki: - general wiki matters

Sites: - individual's project pages

Reviews: - reviews of movies, books, products, theories

Help:Contents: - help pages

Community: - watering hole stuff

PeerPedia: - working space for documents to be submitted for peer review

Classifieds: - classified advertising

Store: - items for sale, sales resources

Library: - suggestions for our hard copy collection

Game: - virtual free energy action game creation

Pending: - new departments under consideration or development

Additional Departments can be added as the need arises.

Capitalization Convention at PESWiki

Please use initial caps for each word in page names, except on small helper words like "the", "of", "with", and "and".

For example, this page is named: "File Naming Guidelines", not "File naming guidelines".

Note that Wikipedia uses an initial-word-only capitilation convention. That is not consistent with the publishing world in general. We will go with the publishing world convention here at PESWiki.

Conventions from Wikipedia

Good recommendations from Wikipedia (which uses the same open source Mediawiki software we are using):

Naming conventions (How to title articles)

Disambiguation (How to resolve title conflicts)

How to start a page

How does one edit a page - includes all the codes for formatting as you wish.

How to start a new language section - for those who wish to provide translations or to contribute content from other languages.