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PESWiki:List of PESWikins by fields of interest

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I would like to find out more about green energy. I know a little about particle accelerators, or, use to. I want to know more about cold fusion. I want to know more about the early LASER's, I think first produced with a pure rod of the chrystal ruby, or other chrystals, that can be used with an electromagnetic device, and possibly a plasma to form an inter-solar system drive. I use to think that collection of ions that naturally occur in space could be used as such a drive. But the propellant part, which could be hydrogen, was missing from my early thoughts. More of a string type collector, or moving along a string of ions. Too unstable, I think. I had the pleasure of discussing this with a gentleman from the JPL about twenty to twenty five years ago on an airplane ride from San Francisco down to So. California. Very cool. I hope my new association here will be cool as well. I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but, I do like to learn. Thank you,