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PESWiki:Contributing to PESWiki

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Anyone may participate in the PESWiki website. All we expect is that your contributions are helpful in achieving our mission of featuring and promoting cutting-edge, clean energy technologies with clarity and accuracy. The basics involved in doing so are very simple, while also allowing for more advanced functions by those who know how to use those functions.

The Basics

First, you will need to have a user account with us and be logged in. If you haven't set up an account, just click on the "log in" link in the upper right hand corner of any page here.

Second, once you are logged in, all you have to do to modify a page is click on the "edit" tab at the top of the page, or to the right of a particular section heading. The tab at the top of the page will open the entire page for editing. The section heading "edit" link will only open that section for editing. Just make the changes you intend, click on "preview" to see how it looks, then click "save", and your change goes live on the site.

Others of us involved in this site keep tabs of the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] page, which chronicles all changes made to the site.

For a brief introduction to the site, please see PESWiki:Welcome.

Advanced Features

Please review our Help:Contents page for an index of functions and instructions of how to use those functions.

Note that not all instructions pages are complete or entirely accurate. We welcome your assistance in making them more complete, clear, and accurate.

Alternative Submission Methods

We realize that the idea of editing the content may seem too dificult if you are not conversant with computers. There are a couple of less intimidating ways for you to submit content if you prefer not to try and directly edit a page here. We have a separate "submit" page that uses a submission form that you might be familiar with. Or you could send us an email through our PESWiki:Contact page. Or you can post your submission below, where we will see it and move it to its proper destination.

Post Content

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See also

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